Send Library using FTP (SENDLIB)

Where allowed to run: All environments (*ALL)
Threadsafe: No
Error messages


Keyword Description Choices Notes
RMTSYS Send to remote system or IP Character value Required, Positional 1
USER Remote User profile Name, *CURRENT Required, Positional 2
PWD Remote password Character value, *USER Required, Positional 3
LIB Library name(s) to send Single values: *ALLUSR
Other values (up to 300 repetitions): Generic name, name
Required, Positional 4
SAVFLIB Save File (SAVF) library Name, QTEMP Optional, Positional 5
CRTSAVFLIB Create SAVF Library Element list Optional, Positional 6
Element 1: On Local system (if required) *YES, *NO
Element 2: On Remote system (if required) *YES, *NO
DLTSAVF Delete local SAVF after xfer *YES, *NO Optional, Positional 7
OMITLIB Library names to omit Single values: *NONE
Other values (up to 300 repetitions): Generic name, name
Optional, Positional 8
TGTRLS Target Release for SAVLIB Character value, *CURRENT, *PRV Optional, Positional 9
RESTORE Restore library on RMTSYS *YES, *NO Optional, Positional 10
RSTLIB Restore to library Name, *SAVLIB Optional, Positional 11
ALWOBJDIF Allow object & Mbr differences *YES, *NO, *ALL, *NONE Optional, Positional 12
SAVACT Save while active *NO, *YES, *LIB, *SYNCLIB, *SYSDFN Optional, Positional 13
SAVACTWAIT Save active wait time Element list Optional, Positional 14
Element 1: Object Locks wait (seconds) 0-99999, 120, *NOMAX
Element 2: Pending record changes 0-99999, *LOCKWAIT, *NOCMTBDY, *NOMAX
Element 3: Other pending changes 0-99999, *LOCKWAIT, *NOMAX
SAVACTMSGQ Save while active msg queue Qualified object name Optional, Positional 15
Qualifier 1: Save while active msg queue Name, *NONE, *WRKSTN
Qualifier 2: Library Name, *LIBL, *CURLIB
PASV Passive mode *AUTO, *ACTIVE, *PASV, *EPASV, *NONE, NONE, *NO Optional, Positional 16
UPDHST Update save history *NO, *YES Optional, Positional 17



Error messages