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cozTools Download and Install

Step 1 - Register here

If you have not yet completed a system serial number registration, please do so now, then return to this page and continue with Step 2. Registration is required for all versions of Cozzi cozTools, including the no-charge runtime.

Step 2 - Purchase here

If you have not already done so, please visit our Purchase page to purchase and pay for your software*. Then return to this page and continue with Step 3.

Step 3 - Download

Type in your registered email address and IBM i serial number, select your download option, then press "Start Download".

  1. Latest Runtime (see this page for change log)
  2. My License Module (License module for Developer/Enterprise Edition)
  3. Latest Developer Edition (paid licensee/current SWMA only)
  4. Latest Enterprise Edition (paid licensee/current SWMA only)

NOTE: If you are licensed to the Enterprise Edition and are currently under SWMA maintenance with us, you may download both the Developer Edition as well as the Enterprise Edition. The Developer edition includes the latest Runtime and Development library. The Enterprise Edition contains only the extra Enterprise Edition components and does not include the Runtime or Developer tools.

This software is packaged into a single library named cozTools. It is delivered as a SAVF (save file) at IBM i TGTRLS(V5R4M0) to provide compatibility with the most systems.  Here's a link to a great how-to article on FTP'ing save files to IBM i.

Step 4 - Install

Visit our Installing cozTools page to learn how to upload and restore your software.

Most users already have Cozzi cozTools installed on their systems. Therefore after uploading the *SAVF to their system the following RSTOBJ command may be used to update your version of cozTools to the one you download from this site:


Where xx is either RT or DE (as in cozToolsRT or cozToolsDE)

On some customer systems and depending on security settings, you may also have to include the MBROPT(*ALL) parameter. However, the RSTOBJ requires the use of ALWOBJDIF when MBROPT is specified, so the following RSTOBJ command may be necessary in place of the one specified above.


* If you are only downloading the no-charge runtime, you must register your system serial number and email address with us (once), then continue with the download. A purchase is not be required for the "free" runtime-only version. Purchasing a license is required for the Runtime Pro, Developer Edition and Enterprise Edition.

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