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Cozzi cozTools - Installation

This page contains instructions for installing our COZTOOLS and APPTOOLS applications.

For Query File Installation steps, visit the Query File download and install page.

Cozzi cozTools comes in a compressed ZIP file that may be downloaded from our website. To being, extract the IBM i save file (SAVF) that is stored in the zip file.

  • cozTools Enterprise Edition (EE) is named COZTOOLSDE.ZIP and the SAVF (save file) stored in it is named COZTOOLDE.SAVF
  • cozTools Developer Edition (DE) is named COZTOOLSDE.ZIP and the SAVF (save file) stored in it is named COZTOOLDE.SAVF
  • cozTools Runtime Edition (RT) is named COZTOOLSRT.ZIP and the SAVF (save file) stored in it is named COZTOOLRT.SAVF

Note that both Enterprise and Developer editions are delivered as "DE" files. If you've licensed the Enterprise Edition, the additional licensed content (stored in COZTOOLSEE.ZIP) is delivered to you separately, and is not necessary for general use and development with the product.

If you are installing cozTools for the FIRST TIME, Start Here.

If you are installing a cozTools UPDATE, Start there.

On your IBM i System (perform these steps the first time you install cozTools)

  1. Create a save file with the same name as the one stored in your zip file (without the .SAVF extension, obviously).
  2. Create the cozTools library on your IBM i
    • CRTLIB LIB(COZTOOLS) TYPE(*TEST) TEXT('Cozzi cozTools Library')

On your PC

FTP the extracted COZTOOLSxx.SAVF to your IBM i system.

The FTP server on the IBM i system will detect the .SAVF extension on the "to file" parameter of the PUT and create a proper save file.

FTP  myserver
user  myuser  pwd
quote site NAMEFMT 1
PUT C:\Users\myusername\Downloads\cozToolsDE.SAVF /QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/cozTools.SAVF

Note the 2nd parameter of the PUT statement is the IBM i save file name. The .SAVF suffix forces the system to build a real SAVF in case you forgot to create it. If you get an error, add the (Replace parameter to the PUT operation. It would appear as follows:

PUT C:\Users\myusername\Downloads\cozToolsDE.SAVF /QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/cozTools.SAVF (Replace


On your IBM i system

Restore the objects in the newly uploaded save file into the cozTools library.


The MBROPT(*ALL) is required when updating in order to restore any new QCPYSRC or sample source members. If you forget to do this, the existing QCPYSRC and other source file may not be updated.

License Key Activity:

If you have a paid License module, follow these steps one time. You will not need to do this step again unless you accidentally delete your license module.

Retrieve your license module from our Technical Support page.

Your license module is delivered in a ZIP file similar to Q105382.ZIP but will include your system's serial number in the name. It will contain a file similarly named Q105382.SAVF. This is a save file that contains a single *MODULE object named cozTools.

Upload the file to your IBM i using FTP and restore it into the cozTools library.

FTP  myserver
user  myuser  pwd
quote site NAMEFMT 1
PUT C:\Users\myusername\Downloads\Q105382.SAVF /QSYS.LIB/QGPL.LIB/Q105382.SAVF

Then on your IBM i system:


Note that we build your License key in and save it from a library named COZLIC but you should restore it to your cozTools product library.

Ready to Go!

At this point, simply add COZTOOLS to your library list, and start using the product.

To determine the version of cozTools you have installed on your system, run our DSPVER command.


Another useful command is the DSPSYS command that shows you information about your hardware and software.

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