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Frequently asked questions about terms of our licensing:

  1. All Cozzi Productions' software licenses include up to two (2) IBM i serial numbers at time of purchase. The second serial number is for your HA/DR or development system.
  2. Transferring your existing license to a replacement machine ("system upgrade") is no charge for customers covered under SWMA agreements. Non-SWMA customers can change serial numbers by upgrading to the current release. The cost for which is established at the time of the order. Today it is set at 25% of the current retail price, times the number of years the customer has not been covered under SWMA. For example, if you are out of SWMA for 3 years, the upgrade cost is 75% (25% x 3 years) of the then current retail price.

SQL Query File for IBM i Pricing

The base product includes licensing for up to 6 cores. Additional 4-CORE licenses are available for an additional OTC.

Monthly Software Licensing (MSL) is also available as an economical path to licensing our software.

 Price Licensed
SQL Query File License Description
$1995 1 to 6 Software License fee OTC
$3995 *NOMAX Software License fee OTC
$395 1 to 6 SWMA Software maintenance and support
$695 *NOMAX SWMA Software maintenance and support
$495 4 additional cores Additional core(s) add-on license OTC.

Cozzi Developer Tools $999 (everything you need to develop RPG and CL with Cozzi App Tools)

The Developer Tools library includes a rich set of RPG IV-friendly subprocedures that RPG, CL, COBOL and C/C++ Programmers will find useful

In addition to a growing list of subprocedures, we are pleased to announce that most of the hugely popular RPG xTools and RPG Open service programs are being migrated to Developer Tools. This means that the extensive library of subprocedures already proven in thousands of shops around the world have become available to our Developer Tools customers.

Cozzi Enterprise Tools $5999 (our most popular option)

A growing number of IBM i shops require more from their packaged software. This can be anything from robust customizations to the security of owning a licensed copy of the source code, to auditing controls and requirements. Customers are also demanding more support options. The Enterprise Edition (EE) includes everything from the RT and DE editions, and includes full source code and enhanced support options.

Cozzi App Tools $195 (what most people need) aka "runtime"

The App Tools library contains several tools for CL Programmers, Systems Administrators, and Operations. From copying spool files to PDF, to retrieving a relative date in CL in the format you want, the Cozzi App Tools library is something every IBM i shop should install. It can pay for itself in 1 application.   The Cozzi App Tools pricing has been updated based on customer feedback. The pricing is now $195/$100 meaning an initial $195 license fee including the first year of software maintenance, and $100/year thereafter for software maintenance. Our customers told use we needed to get the entry pricing under $500/year in order for them to avoid an excessive and lengthy approval process. So we did it one better, just $195 and $100 SWMA with the first year's SWMA included in the license fee.

Support Options

Included support varies based on the cozTools edition that is licensed. Free and community support is available on the cozTools Support website.

All three Editions of Cozzi Tools come with an initial 1 year or 3 incident support ("SWMA"). The Developer and Enterprise Editions come with an additional 3 incident support for that first year. No support is included int he upgrade free from other products, such as RPG xTools, however a SWMA/Support contract may be purchased at upgrade time.

Support Contracts (aka "Software Maintenance Agreement")

Licensees may purchase a software maintenance agreement (SWMA) that is valid for one (1) additional year from the most recent/previous license anniversary date. SWMA contracts begin on the software license anniversary date regardless of when they are purchased and are valid for one (1) year from that date.

The following prices are subject to change without notification:

Licensee SWMA Term Included with
Paid License
SWMA Renewal
App Tools 1 Year or 3 incidents $100
Developer Tools 1 year or 3 incidents $195
Enterprise Tools 1 year or 3 incidents $595
Ad Hoc 1 Incident Support or out of contract** (OOC) N/A $495/OTC

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