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March 1, 2024 - I will be shutting down

I have been selling and shipping a variation of COZTOOLS since 1984 from the original "Q38 Programmer Utilities" to RPG xTools to the latest incarnation Cozzi Tools (i.e., COZTOOLS). About 4 years ago I released the source code for the latest version of COZTOOLS and the vast majority of my paying customers have migrated to that open source edition. Thanks for 40 years of being a loyal customer. I appreciate your business.

Moving forward, please visit for my latest efforts in the IBM i market.

Cozzi Tools

Commands and Tools for Users of IBM i

Now just $195 Free!

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Cozzi cozTools for IBM i

Cozzi Tools provides your developers with the tools they need today. It includes dozens of commands and APIs that easily integrate into the RPG IV and CL workflow, no need to go elsehwere. Learn more about cozTools

SQL iQuery for IBM i

IBM i Query and SQL Modernization

Now with IBM Watson Support!

Work with File using iQuery

SQL iQuery is an SQL & Query modernization tool for IBM i. It allows you to quickly query your database and then immediately turn the output into an Inquiry, a Report, PDF file, Excel file, CSV file, Text file, or another database file. SQL iQuery allows you to run virtually any SQL statement from within CL, command entry, or as part of an SQL script.
Need to create an Excel file from an SQL SELECT statement? Just add the OUTPUT(*EXCEL) parameter and it just works. It is that easy! Learn more about iQuery

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